Molly and I soaking up the sun at the Seminole Valley meet. 

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! My alarm rang loud in my ear forcing me to wake up from my usual 2:00 p.m. nap that I would take on days we had a hard practice in the afternoon. However, this practice was very different from any other practice we had done before. It was at Seminole Valley Park so that was nothing new. We were going to run 1000 meters at race pace so that wasn’t different either. The reason this practice was so different was because it was our last official cross-country practice of the season.




As we started to do our 1000-meter workout I began to reflect back on all that we had accomplished and not accomplished this season. We had won the Coestang trophy for the fourth year in a row. We ran the fastest team time in school history. We outlasted all the rough workouts coach put us through. We struggled through the 6 a.m. morning practices. Most importantly we did it as a team. Of course there were things that we didn’t accomplish that would ache for a long time like missing the National meet by five points and not being able to make it into the top 25 ranked teams nationally. Luckily, we did have four individual runners make it to nationals to represent Mount Mercy. These are going to be the things we use to ignite a fire for next years season.

Post Conference madness with Jake Hensel.

As for me, this was my first year back in competitive running since my senior of high school and boy was it a fun. Running use to be one of my passions but being given the opportunity to compete at Mount Mercy with my girlfriend, old friends, and new friends has turned running into my life. Without running I wouldn’t have met Molly. Without running I wouldn’t have ever met my new best friends on the team. Without running I would have never ran at or even visited the University of Notre Dame. Without running I would have never came to Iowa…ever. Even though I didn’t do as well I as wanted to this year I was still able to be our number 7/8 runner and throughout the duration of the season I was able to run almost a img_6036four-minute PR. I am disappointed that we didn’t make it to nationals as a team but now it’s time to move past that and focus on the upcoming track season.




“3:15! Good job TT,” Coach Scheckel exclaimed as I ran through the line. Just like that the workout was over. I was happy for how far I had come and was excited for the future, not just for myself but for our team as well. Go Mustangs!



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